Tuition & Fees 2016-17

Our budget is based on enrollment figures and budget building factors prepared by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Department of Catholic Schools. Please note that we have two tuition categories for the 2016-2017 school year:

Participating Families:

Fundraising and Service Hours are required
(30 service hours for two parent families, and 15 service hours for single parent families).

$1,000.00 for 2 parent families and $800 for single-parent families (payable in full on 9/15/2016).

Non-Participating Families:

No Fundraising and No Service Hours are required.
Families who choose not to participate in any of the school’s fundraising activities pay a $2,300 Non-Participation Fee.

Participation Tuition Rates

One StudentTwo StudentsThree Students


Non-Participation Tuition Rates

One StudentTwo StudentsThree Students


Tuition is payable in full on June 20,2016, in two equal installments on June 20 and November 20 or over a ten-month installment period on the 20th from June 2016 through March 2017 All families MUST enroll and use FACTS Tuition Management for tuition payments.

Student Educational Fee

New Admission Family Educational Fee

First Student = Gr. K-5: $1,060.00 and Gr. 6-8: $1,260.00
Each Additional Student = $860.00 and Gr. 6-8: $1,060.00

Readmission Family Educational Fee

First Student = Gr. K-5: $860.00 and Gr. 6-8: $1,060.00
Each Additional Student = Gr. K-5: $810.00 and Gr. 6-8: $1,010.00
Add $50 scholarship (one time donation, per student) for all new siblings entering SSPP


Click here to view a breakdown of the educational fee

Tuition Assistance

SF Archdiocesan Family Grants (managed through TADS)

To apply for an Archdiocesan Family Tuition Grant, please go online to: . Look for the link “Apply for Financial Aid” on the right side of the page under the “parents & Families” heading.

Once you have completed the on-line form, submit all of the required information on the TADS in order for your application to be processed. The deadline for completing the application for elementary school assistance is April 15th. Please note –this is a firm deadline.

The BASIC Fund

The BASIC Fund serves families who have students applying to private school for the first time. Siblings already attending SSPP who are not receiving the BASIC Fund may be included on the application as long as one student in the family will be attending SSPP for the first time. The deadline for new applications is November 3rd, 2016. Renewal packets for families who are already receiving assistance from the BASIC Fund will be distributed to the schools during March, for all renewing students. Renewing families do not need to fill out a new application unless they are adding a new child in the Fall. Renewing families adding a new child in the Fall must complete a new application for the new child. If you have any questions, please contact the BASIC Fund at 415-986-5650 or visit:

SSPP Tuition Assistance

The applications for SSPP Tuition Assistance will be available in April. Please note: applying to the SF Archdiocesan Family Grant (TADS) is a prerequisite to applying for SSPP tuition assistance. We ask that families also apply to the BASIC Fund, if applicable, prior to applying for SSPP tuition assistance.

Please note that families will not be granted any scholarship assistance from SSPP if the TADS and BASIC Fund (when applicable) is not submitted on time.