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COVID-19 Mitigation Plan Updated August 2021

It is Saints Peter and Paul School’s goal to continue to educate our students and to provide a strong academic and faith-filled program. We will be meeting all guidance from the SFDPH to keep our school community healthy and safe. As you are aware, the COVID situation changes and shifts quickly and therefore we must be flexible with our plan and be able to pivot smoothly. Some of the department of health protocols have been lifted for schools, while others remain intact from last year. Any new information that is directed to us will take precedence over any prior plans that have been put into place.

Links to our full COVID mitigation plan (as of August 2021) are below.

It includes information about the following:

  1. Arrival / Dismissal
  2. Masking Guidelines
  3. Cleaning, Disinfecting, Health Hygiene Practices, Ventilation
  4. Testing of Students & Staff
  5. Returning to School after COVID-19
  6. Travel
  7. Contact Tracing
  8. and more

COVID Prevention Plan 2021-2022