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Rosalba and Chris Petrini

Our two boys attended SSPP. They both started with Laura Vicuna Pre-Kindergarten (an EXCELLENT Pre-K) and then continued on with kindergarten through eighth grades. We couldn’t imagine sending them to any other school. SSPP is academically challenging and also nurturing. The English, Math and Science classes for the sixth, seventh and eighth grades are divided into two sections ensuring more individualized instruction. These classes tend to have 12 to 15 students, depending on grade size. The school has dedicated and approachable faculty and staff which includes a few Salesian Sisters in teaching or supportive roles, and a reading resource faculty member. SSPP Principal, Dr. Lisa Harris, is all you would want in a principal – competent, experienced, responsive and accessible. She cares deeply for the students and the school.

There are plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from- some in conjunction with the Salesian Boys and Girls Club- including theater, academic decathlon, dance, newspaper, yearbook, student government, community service activities and chess club. Should a parent be desirous, SSPP has many opportunities to get involved with volunteering, fundraising, and social events. There is something here for everyone.

Samantha Gill

Best school ever! Amazing teachers, principal and families.

Amy Ovalle

Our kids have thrived here! The teachers and administration are wonderful and really love the children. It's like a family!

Janine Jung

SSPP is a hidden gem. My child was extremely shy and his pediatrician highly recommended SSPP for him. She had sent her own four children to SSPP and knew the curriculum and environment intimately. She was right! You could no longer tell that he had a shyness problem. He is thriving. In addition, I don't worry about high school because SSPP graduates have a track record of getting into the best schools in SF.

Starting with the principal, Dr. Harris sets the tone. The staff is phenomenal - nurturing, warm and caring. Dr. Harris is extremely approachable and knows the students on a first name basis. She has a tradition of presenting a birthday pencil at morning assemblies where everyone acknowledges your child and claps for him/her. (Parents are welcome at morning assemblies. If you have the time, they are a great place to meet the parents of your child's classmates as well as hear what is going on in the school.) Students throughout the year are assigned to "family groups" for different activities (a child from each grade K thru 8th grader is assigned one family unit). There is a real sense of "family" at SSPP and it has a reputation for being one of the best parent communities in the city.

There are 3 levels of tuition so that you can choose the level at which you want to participate in the school. The more you participate the less you pay. You get good value for your money because the school offers a lot. They have a licensed counselor that monitors the children's interactions during recess and an experienced learning specialist on site. In addition to a caring professional staff, small class to student ratio, solid academics, and good test scores, my child has the opportunity to participate in many activities such as yearbook, newspaper, choir, musicals, community service learning committee, student government, academic decathlon team, stage crew etc..... (after school they offer dance, chess club and mandarin classes) and through the adjoining Salesian Boys and Girl club he can be on soccer, basketball, baseball or volleyball (for girls) team, get tutoring, learn piano/guitar etc. For only $10/calendar year your child can stay at the club after school until 5pm (but must be at least 8 years old or in 3rd grade).