COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Graduates of SSPP are:

Problem solvers:

  • are peacemakers.
  • work independently and collaboratively.
  • demonstrate leadership qualities.

Responsible citizens who:

  • respect the environment and are stewards of the planet.
  • respect themselves and others displaying positive social behavior.
  • demonstrate responsibility and display leadership qualities, tolerance and respect; and work cooperatively with others

Active Christians who:

  • pray and participate at Mass and in the sacraments.
  • have a moral conscience, are kind to others and make good choices.
  • live the Salesian family spirit.

Involved Individuals who:

  • make choices for a healthy mind, body and soul.
  • share their knowledge, gifts and talents.
  • act responsibly at home, school and in the community.

Successful life long learners who:

  • communicate and think critically.
  • are organized and have good study skills.
  • are excited and motivated to learn.

Effective communicators who:

  • listen carefully and read, write and speak clearly.
  • demonstrate good manners.
  • use technology responsibly and effectively

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